projection design


Modern digital media servers and computerized tools enable us to use projections on non-conventional surfaces and 3D shapes. We work with 3D design software to plan the best projector positions, in order to get the best image for the audience and the least constraints for the performers. 

In museum or gallery situations, the 3D visualization permits the plotting of projector placement in cramped or complex spaces. A case in point : The exhibition Radio-Canada, Une histoire à suivre, at Museum of Civilisation in Québec City, 12 projectors used on a 360˚ screen.  At Toronto’s IDS12, Casey Design and Plannig Group hired Jacques to create projections for an art installation, The Dream Archive,  built inside a standard shipping container.  

In this tlast example, the Magic in Egypt exhibition, multiple short-throw video projectors were used to create seamless animated panoramas behind the artefacts.

For the theatre, museum or gallery